S. N. Anumeha Singh

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In offshore wind power plants, the losses occurring in the path from the wind turbine to the point of common coupling contribute significantly to the cost of energy. Therefore, a reduction of the losses along this path represents a desirable way to drive down the energy cost. For state-of-the-art AC systems, simply increasing the voltage level in the(More)
-In order to evaluate the integrity of a satellite transponder, it is necessary to measure its characteristics (i.e. frequency response) and the characteristics of its high power amplifier (HPA), such as sensitivity and saturated output power. Since these properties are subject to aging and the satellite itself suffers from the vibration shocks during(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel scheme to generate sinusoidal pulse width modulated (SPWM) switching pulses using Direct Modulation Strategy and its implementation has been done through software developed using VHDL code. In the given proposed scheme, the periodic PWM signals are generated, separated by positive and negative group of polarity control(More)
Impulsive noise in image is one of the common problems in the fields of digital imaging and due to unavoidable inherent causes it is required to filter it by some processing techniques. The FAGA or CPLD based filters are especially preferred because of their high speed parallel operations (unlike microprocessor which execute operations sequentially). This(More)
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