S. N. Ahmad

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Magnetic nanoparticles of strontium doped lanthanum manganite (LSMO) have been synthesized with Sr concentration x = 0.20 and 0.27 using the citrate gel technique. Magnetic and magnetothermal properties have been investigated with the objective of determining their specific absorption rates (SAR's) and comparing them with those obtained using the linear(More)
The departure from perfect spherical symmetry in the case of fullerenes (C60 being the sole exception) induces instabilities due to the stresses generated by the pentagonal protrusions in the σ-bonded surfaces. By assuming σ-π separability and treating π electrons as a degenerate Fermi gas in the two shells around the central σ structure, the resulting(More)
In this paper, a new dual-output second generation current conveyor (DO-CCII) circuit based-on resistive compensation technique is proposed. The resistive compensation technique is very simple and powerful technique used to improve bandwidth of CMOS DO-CCII without extra power consumption. PSpice simulations for MIETEC 0.5 mum CMOS technology show that the(More)
To understand the phenomenon of fullerene growth during its synthesis, an attempt is made to model a minimum energy growth route using a semi-empirical quantum mechanics code. C(2) addition leading to C(60) was modelled and three main routes, i.e. cyclic ring growth, pentagon and fullerene road, were studied. The growth starts with linear chains and, at n =(More)
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