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Received August 5, 2002, from Sonoscan Ultrasonic Scan Centre (S.B.V.) and private practice, pediatric surgery (V.R.R.), Coimbatore, India; and private practice, radiology (S.K.M.), and Kumarakriba Clinic (K.M.), Pollachi, India. Manuscript accepted for publication August 7, 2002. Address correspondence and reprint requests to S. Boopathy Vijayaraghavan,(More)
This paper describes the design of a simple low cost microcontroller based temperature monitoring system using GSM technique. The temperature monitoring system using GSM undergoes three stages signal conditioning circuit, analog to digital converter and with GSM Modem the message is send to mobile. ADC is used because microcontroller works with digital(More)
Optical character recognition is getting more and more useful in daily life for various purposes. The aim of the paper is to find the number and English alphabets in the symbol of times new roman, arial, arial block size of 72, 48. Many researches have been done on many types of characters by using different approaches. In this recognition system was(More)
Surface study of thin film is characterized by employing scanning Electron microscopy (SEM). The implementation of image processing algorithm is to determine the pores in the SEM images of thin film. Image segmentation is applied to detect the pores in the thin film. In this paper, ZnO thin film is used for the surface study by various edge detection(More)
Object detection, tracking and recognition in real time is a very essential task in computer vision. There are lots of research work have been done in this area. Yet it needs to be accuracy in recognizing object. The most objective of this review is to present an overview of the approaches used and also the challenges involved. In this paper we concentrate(More)
The main objective of this paper is to discuss the preprocessing method involved in the identification of avian pox disease in poultry farm. Due to the acquisition of the hen images and lighting variations noise can affect the images. Preprocessing is the first and very important step in image processing, after preprocessing we can do analysis in that image(More)
The present study is about the design and implementation of dip coating system based on Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology. The PLC correlates the operation parameters control required by the user and monitors the system during normal operation and under dipping conditions. Tests of dip coating system driven by DC motor driver and controlled by(More)
The aim of the paper is to remove the noise in the images and at the same time to preserve the edges, fine details and texture in the image. This paper proposes a novel Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) filter to remove impulse, Gaussian and mixed noise without affecting edges and texture of an image. It is a hybrid filter constructed by(More)
The increased high performance of personal computers and their reduced cost has made it possible for the development of computer based monitoring and control systems. Industry needs several measurement systems that can measure safety risk parameters of the hazardous area. Although wireless sensor networks have been widely used, combining virtual instrument(More)