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Choline-containing compounds (CCCs) are elevated in breast cancer, and detected in vivo by the (1)H MRS total choline (tCho) resonance (3.25 ppm) and the (31)P MRS phosphomonoester (PME) resonance (3.8 ppm). Both the tCho and PME resonances decrease early after initiation of successful therapy. The single major component of these composite resonances,(More)
Tumor choline metabolites have potential for use as diagnostic indicators of breast cancer phenotype and can be non-invasively monitored in vivo by MRS. Extract studies have determined that the principle diagnostic component of these peaks is phosphocholine (PCho), the biosynthetic precursor to the membrane phospholipid, phosphatidylcholine (PtdCho). The(More)
BACKGROUND Most current commercial flow cytometers employ analog circuitry to provide feature values describing the pulse waveforms produced from suspended cells and particles. This restricts the type of features that can be extracted (typically pulse height, width, and integral) and consequently places a limit on classification performance. In previous(More)
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