S. Muraleedharan Nair

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Mass Drug Administration (MDA) for Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) elimination has been implemented worldwide and in India with a goal of eliminating the disease by 2020 and 2015 respectively. Compliance to MDA is less than adequate to achieve the goal in the desired time. This study aims to identify the factors related to awareness, acceptability and attitude(More)
BACKGROUND Gorgonians and other octocorals are known to possess a huge array of secondary metabolites in which sterols are the major group of secondary metabolites apart from sesquiterpenes and diterpenes, and the bioactive metabolites could show marked biomedical potential for future drug discovery. OBJECTIVE This study was intended for the isolation and(More)
The organic molecule in the title dihydrate, C12H9FN4O·2H2O, exists in the E conformation with respect to the azo-methane C=N double bond. The mol-ecule is approximately planar, with a maximum deviation of 0.117 (1) Å for the carbonyl O atom from the mean plane of the mol-ecule. Both pyridine rings are essentially coplanar with the central C(=O)N2C unit(More)
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