S. Muhamud

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This paper presents the basic design of a microstrip patch antenna with aperture coupler as the feeding technique. The proposed design was simulated using CST Microwave Studio 2009 software based on operating frequency of 5.8GHz. A comprehensive parametric study was done to understand the effects of various dimensional parameters focusing on the(More)
Lean manufacturing is a production philosophy made popular by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). It is globally known as the Toyota Production System (TPS) and has the ultimate aim of reducing cost by thoroughly eliminating wastes or muda. TPS embraces the Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing; achieving cost reduction through lead time reduction. JIT manufacturing(More)
This paper presents a design of 2 by 2 planar array microstrip antenna with a non-contacting feed. The type of non-contacting feeding used is aperture coupler technique. The antenna is basically consists of two layer of substrates which called superstrate and substrate. Patches are printed on top of the superstrate while the feed line is located on the(More)
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