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To investigate the possibility that overprediction of basal metabolic rate (BMR) of tropical populations is related to differences in fatness between tropical and temperate populations, 32 Mexican men aged 18-40 years underwent measurements of BMR and body fat content. The men were divided into four body mass index (BMI) groups (< 20, 20-25, 25-30 and(More)
This study explored the effects of mild infestation with Giardia on energy intake and expenditure at rest and in activity in an urban Mexican population. Ten boys aged 6-10 y living in low-income sectors in northwest Mexico who had Giardia infestation were recruited. Energy intake, basal metabolic rate (BMR), and total free-living expenditure (TEE) measured(More)
6 In this paper we present an inexpensive approach to create highly-detailed reconstructions of the landscape surrounding a road. Our method is based on a space-efficient semi-procedural representation of the terrain and vegetation supporting high-quality real-time rendering not only for aerial views but also at road level. We can integrate photographs(More)
Alumina-aluminium titanate (A-AT) composites and laminates have been recently investigated because they can provide improved flaw tolerance and toughness associated to a microcracking mechanism. A-AT composites have been produced by slip casting and reaction sintering of submicron sized alumina and titania powders. This work deals with the preparation of(More)
The Layer by Layer (LBL) technique, based on the alternative assembly of oppositely charged polyelectrolyte molecules, is a very versatile tool for the fabrication of thin polymer film with controlled features at the nanoscale [2]. We have applied the LBL technique to encapsulate purified total RNA between polyelectrolyte layers as a negative charged(More)
The content of the principal carotenes with biological activity (alpha-, beta, gamma-carotene and beta-criptoxantine) in green pepper (Capsicum annuum var. Anaheim) was determined in order to investigate the vitamin A content during the traditional process of ripening and drying. The analytical technique used was high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC)(More)
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