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  • S Moss
  • Journal of medical screening
  • 1999
OBJECTIVE Although there is clear evidence from randomised trials of the effectiveness of mammographic screening in women over 50 in reducing mortality from breast cancer, the benefit of screening in younger women remains less certain. This paper describes a randomised controlled trial in progress to study the effect on breast cancer mortality of annual(More)
Background: The UK Breast Screening programme was introduced in 1988. While national protocol recommends that mammograms should be read by a single radiologist or other medically qualified individual, in practise most units use double reading as this has been shown to increase cancer detection rates. Staffing and other resources sometimes do not permit(More)
In 1968-70, 17,944 middle-aged male executive grade civil servants in Great Britain provided a record of their leisure-time activities for two sample days and they have been followed until the end of 1977. In a 20% sample (3591 men), 268 have died. Men who had reported "vigorous exercise" (VE) during the two days suffered fewer deaths from coronary heart(More)
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