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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The functional characterization of secreted peptides can provide the basis for the development of novel therapeutic agents. Augurin is a recently identified secreted peptide of unknown function expressed in multiple endocrine tissues, and in regions of the brain including the hypothalamus. We therefore investigated the effect of(More)
The development of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis for growth hormone (GH) secretion has been studied in the rat fetus and in the neonate 4, 24, 48 and 72 h after birth. Injections of the serotonin blocker cyproheptadine (Cypro) and a catecholamine, dopamine (DA), each led to reductions in the level of serum GH in 21 to 22 day fetuses and in neonates up to(More)
The distribution of somatostatin- and cholecystokinin octapeptide (CCK-8)-like immunoreactivities in the central nervous system of bovine and rat has been studied using a sensitive and specific radioimmunoassay. The most interesting information is the high concentration of CCK-8 in the various cortical areas in rat and bovine. The nuclei of amygdala contain(More)
We have previously described that [Tyr0]CGRP(28-37) acts as a receptor antagonist of rat CGRP in guinea pig pancreatic acini. We therefore examined other C-terminal peptides of CGRP for such activity. CGRP-acetyl(28-37) acetate did act as a rat CGRP antagonist. However, C-terminal CGRP peptides of 4 to 8 amino acid residues did not antagonize the actions of(More)
Undernutrition represents a major public health challenge for middle- and low-income countries. This study aimed to evaluate whether a multideficient Northeast Brazil regional basic diet (RBD) induces acute morphological and functional changes in the ileum of mice. Swiss mice (∼25 g) were allocated into two groups: i) control mice were fed a standard diet(More)
MAB 114 and MAB 120 appeared to have the same or a very similar specificity to BRIC 125 (Avent et al., 1988). MAB 116, and possibly MAB 115, had a similar specificity to R6A (Anstee & Edwards, 1982; Avent et al., 1988). MAB 117, 118 and 119 demonstrated the MB-2D10 specificity and were, in fact, the antibodies reported by von dem Borne et al. (1990). MAB(More)
The enzyme in brain that hydrolyzes 2',3'-cyclic nucleotides to the 2'-mononucleotides has been found by several authors to be concentrated in the myelin fraction. To facilitate further study of the enzyme, one of our objectives has been to develop a method of solubilizing the enzyme without the use of detergents. When an acetone powder from brain white(More)
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