S. Moon

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The application of electron microscopy to hydrated biological samples has been limited by high-vacuum operating conditions. Traditional methods utilize harsh and laborious sample dehydration procedures, often leading to structural artefacts and creating difficulties for correlating results with high-resolution fluorescence microscopy. Here, we utilize(More)
It has recently been shown that electronic states in bulk gapless HgCdTe offer another realization of pseudo-relativistic three-dimensional particles in condensed matter systems. These single valley relativistic states, massless Kane fermions, cannot be described by any other relativistic particles. Furthermore, the HgCdTe band structure can be continuously(More)
In this paper, we propose a mobile IP model that can provide the mobility on both the IPv4 and IPv6 transport network. The proposed model provides IP mobility regardless of the type of transport network. To provide a seamless handover among different wireless networks, we propose the MBB(Make Before Break) handover method among multiple network interfaces,(More)
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