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This paper introduces the architecture and initial algorithms for Pixel-planes 5, a heterogeneous multi-computer designed both for high-speed polygon and sphere rendering (1M Phong-shaded triangles/second) and for supporting algorithm and application research in interactive 3D graphics. Techniques are described for volume rendering at multiple frames per(More)
Manuel Menezes de Oliveira Neto Relief Texture Mapping (Under the supervision of Professor Gary Bishop) This dissertation presents an extension to texture mapping that supports the representation of 3-D surface details and view motion parallax. The results are correct for viewpoints that are static or moving, far away or nearby. In this approach, a relief(More)
Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) were prepared against native cytochrome f (cyt f) isolated from turnip leaves. The two MAbs obtained, designated MAb-JB2 and MAb-ED4, were Western blot positive to purified turnip cytochrome f and also reacted with inside-out (ISO) but not right-side-out (RSO) spinach thylakoid membranes. MAb-ED4 reacted with a covalent adduct(More)
Both plastocyanin and cytochrome f were purified using a combination of affinity chromatography together with established methods. Plastocyanin was partially purified using the method of Davis and San Pietro (Anal. Biochem. 95 (1979) 254-259), after which it was further purified using a column of cytochrome c covalently attached to Sepharose 4B. The(More)
The energy consumption of a graphics processing unit (GPU) is an important factor in its design, whether for a server, desktop, or mobile device. Mobile products, such as smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers, rely on batteries to function; the less the demand for power is on these batteries, the longer they will last before needing to be recharged.(More)
Daniel G. Aliaga. Automatically Reducing and Bounding Geometric Complexity by Using Images. (Under the direction of Anselmo A. Lastra) Large and complex 3D models are required for computer-aided design, architectural visualizations, flight simulation, and many types of virtual environments. Often, it is not possible to render all the geometry of these(More)