S Mohammed Karim

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BACKGROUND In patients undergoing hemipelvectomies including resection either of a portion of the pubis or the entire pubis from the symphysis to the lateral margin of the obturator foramen while sparing the hip (so-called Dunham Type III hemipelvectomies), reconstructions typically are not performed given the preserved continuity of the weightbearing axis(More)
For destructive metastatic periacetabular disease, options include open acetabular reconstruction or percutaneous cement acetabuloplasty (PA). We reviewed 28 consecutive patients with Harrington grade II or III lesions, 17 who underwent Harrington-type or anti-protrusio reconstruction and 11 who underwent PA. Primary outcome measures were performance status(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Little has been reported regarding the patient-centered quality-of-life (QOL) outcomes after en bloc spondylectomy (ES). Despite lower local recurrence rates, it is unknown whether outcomes justify the surgical morbidity. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to report on patient QOL after ES as measured by validated instruments and to(More)
Gorham-Stout disease (GSD) is a rare condition characterized by spontaneous idiopathic bone resorption that can affect any part of the skeleton. Treatment is aimed at halting osteolysis and alleviating complications associated with bone loss. Often this can be achieved via observation and supportive management, medical treatment, and/or radiation therapy.(More)
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