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Problem statement: With the development of ubiquitous computing, current user interaction approaches with keyboard, mouse and pen are not sufficient. Due to the limitation of these devices the useable command set is also limited. Direct use of hands can be used as an input device for providing natural interaction. Approach: In this study, Gaussian Mixture(More)
With the development of artificial intelligence and machine vision, face recognition has become a hot topic of pattern recognition.This paper describes the review-based comparison and recognition of challenges using holistic and hybrid appearance based approaches and the recent techniques used for improving recognition accuracy. The accuracy or efficiency(More)
Problem statement: Image sensors and communication channels often introduce impulse noise in image transmission. The most common filters available to remove such noise are median filter and its variants but the major drawbacks identified with them are blurring of edge detail and low noise suppression. To preserve the sharp and useful information in the(More)
The use of Kalman filtering is very common in state estimation problems. The problem with Kalman filters is that they require full prior knowledge about the system modeling. It is also assumed that all the observations are fully received. In real applications, the previous assumptions are not true all the time. It is hard to obtain the exact system model(More)
Problem statement: Multiple cameras are employed for surveillance of larger environment. In such a case there is a need to maintain overlap in the adjacent cameras for correct object registration. Overlap may get disturbed by natural or manual factors. This study proposed an automatic camera pan correction by determining the area of overlap from multi-view(More)
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