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Generalized autocalibrating partially parallel acquisitions (GRAPPA), an important parallel imaging technique, can be easily applied to radial k-space data by segmenting the k-space. The previously reported radial GRAPPA method requires extra calibration data to determine the relative shift operators. In this work it is shown that pseudo-full k-space data(More)
The current–voltage and noise characteristics of bridging silicon wires have been measured at room temperature. From the linear current–voltage characteristics the bulk and contact resistance contributions are extracted and modeled. The excess noise observed at low frequencies is interpreted in terms of bulk and contact noise contributions, with the former(More)
In event-related functional MRI, there exist limits on the time length of the experiments on human subjects and the imaging speed. Due to these limitations, data truncation and undersampling have to be used in functional MRI signal acquisition. The effect of these factors on the hemodynamic deconvolution is investigated experimentally and a phantom(More)
Cobaloxime complexes of the type [CoCl(DMGH)2(L)], where DMGH = dimethylglyoxime monoanion, L = tri-ethanolamine and 1,10phenanthroline, were synthesized. The compounds were formulated on the basis of cobalt and chloride contents, IR and UV-visible spectral analyses and magnetic moment measurement. Cyclic voltammetric technique was also employed to(More)
Simulations in Medici are performed to quantify crosstalk and charge sharing in a hybrid pixelated silicon detector. Crosstalk and charge sharing degrades the spatial and spectral resolution of single photon processing X-ray imaging systems. For typical medical X-ray imaging applications, the process is dominated by charge sharing between the pixels in the(More)
The concentrations of trace metals in hair of fishermen from the Persian Gulf region were assessed to detect the relationships between element levels in hair and potential factors influencing these relationships. The hair of 19 fishermen were sampled from six stations in the Persian Gulf (Abadan, Deylam, BushehrNirogah, Dayyer, Lengeh and Bandar Abbas in(More)
Fabrication and properties of an integrated optical ring laser of 60 mm diameter with Ti:Er:LiNbO3 waveguides are reported. Without any intracavity wavelength selective devices the laser emits at λ = 1603 nm. The potential of laser, passive and loss-compensated ring resonator as optical gyroscope is briefly discussed.
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