S. Miyashita

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Sampling an intact sequence of oceanic crust through lavas, dikes, and gabbros is necessary to advance the understanding of the formation and evolution of crust formed at mid-ocean ridges, but it has been an elusive goal of scientific ocean drilling for decades. Recent drilling in the eastern Pacific Ocean in Hole 1256D reached gabbro within seismic layer(More)
The general conclusion of Seevinck and Larsson is that our model exploits the so-called coincidence-time loophole and produces sinusoidal (quantum-like) correlations but does not model the singlet state because it does not violate the relevant Bell inequality derived by Larsson and Gill, since in order to obtain the sinusoidal correlations the probability(More)
We have presumed that achieving high reproducibility of the anomalous effect may depend upon reproducible high loading ratios of deuterium in the Palladium. By modification of the working process, heat treatment, surface treatment, and the electrolysis conditions, the deuterium loading up to 0.9~0.96 was achieved with relatively high reproducibility. Detail(More)
Experimental investigations of transactinoide elements provide benchmark results for chemical theory and probe the predictive power of trends in the periodic table. So far, in gas-phase chemical reactions, simple inorganic compounds with the transactinoide in its highest oxidation state have been synthesized. Single-atom production rates, short half-lives,(More)
(Received) We describe a quantum algorithm to compute the density of states and thermal equilibrium properties of quantum many-body systems. We present results obtained by running this algorithm on a software implementation of a 21-qubit quantum computer for the case of an antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model on triangular lattices of different size. Recent(More)
The chemical properties of an element are primarily governed by the configuration of electrons in the valence shell. Relativistic effects influence the electronic structure of heavy elements in the sixth row of the periodic table, and these effects increase dramatically in the seventh row--including the actinides--even affecting ground-state configurations.(More)
Workshop Preliminary Full New Revised Addendum Please tick or fill out information in all gray boxes Abstract: (400 words or less) (1) mid-ocean ridge processes, (2) subduction processes, (3) carbon cycle, (4) deep biosphere, (5) serpentinization Sultanate of Oman $ The Samail ophiolite in Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the world's largest,(More)
Tank wall collision is one of the major causes of mortality during the early-stage rearing of Pacific bluefin tuna, Thunnus orientalis (PBT). Therefore, to design a rearing environment that meets the needs of juvenile PBT, it is important to gather information about their swimming capabilities. We conducted experiments to examine the relative critical(More)
We study the relation between the acquisition and analysis of data and quantum theory using a probabilistic and deterministic model for photon polarizers. We introduce criteria for efficient processing of data and then use these criteria to demonstrate that efficient processing of the data contained in single events is equivalent to the observation that(More)