S. Mishra

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— In this paper, we investigate two decomposition methods for their convergence rate which are used to solve security constrained economic dispatch (SCED): 1) Lagrangian Relaxation (LR), and 2) Augmented Lagrangian Relaxation (ALR). First, the centralized SCED problem is posed for a 6-bus test network and then it is decomposed into subproblems using both of(More)
—The paper presents the design of a nonlinear variable-gain fuzzy controller for a flexible ac transmission systems (FACTS) device like the unified power flow controller (UPFC) to enhance the transient stability performance of power systems. The fuzzy controller uses a numerical consequent rule base of the Takagi–Sugeno type, which can be either linear-or(More)
In this paper we consider a graph optimization problem called minimum monopoly problem, in which it is required to find a minimum cardinality set S ⊆ V , such that, for each u ∈ V , |N [u] ∩ S| |N[u]|/2 in a given graph G = (V , E). We show that this optimization problem does not have a polynomial-time approximation scheme for k-regular graphs (k 5), unless(More)