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PURPOSE Intravaginal or extravaginal spermatic cord torsion is a diagnostic challenge for the surgeon and radiologist. Color Doppler sonography can be inaccurate, leading to dangerous false-negative results. To date, no single reliable test has been able to provide 100% diagnostic accuracy. The direct visualization of the twisted cord during emergency high(More)
Premixed methane-air mixture is introduced at the center of two parallel circular quartz plates separated by a millimeter scale distance (<or= 5mm). Two plates are heated with an external heater to create a positive temperature gradient condition along the flow direction. The combustion characteristics of lean methane-air mixtures are investigated at(More)
The 20 MV, 217 MHz IH-DTL for the HIT facility has been assembled and mechanically aligned until July 2006. RF tuning of the 3.8 m long tank with 56 gaps has been done from April to October 2006. The beam commissioning at the HIT facility in Heidelberg was performed successfully in December 2006. Assembly Alignment plates had to be invented to adjust the(More)
An energy variable ion linac consisting of multigap, constantcavities was developed. The effect of phase sliding, unavoidable in any constantsection, is leading to a coherent rf phase motion, which fits well to the H-type structures with their long -mode sections and separated lenses. The exact periodicity of the cell lengths within each cavity results in(More)
The objectives of the present study are the formulation of the models of flame front evolution capturing the effects of flame propagation in the prescribed non-stationary premixed gas flow field. The algorithm of real time simulations of flame evolution within frame of “flamelet” approach is offered to model shape of flame front propagating in the given non(More)
Tumor therapy with light ion beams like Carbon out of a synchrotron is a topical accelerator application. In all designs the layout of the injector linac is an important factor with respect to construction and operation costs as well as to the operation performance of such a medical facility. Two alternative linac approaches which keep the number of(More)
The design of a compact 7 MeV/u, 217 MHz carbon injector linac for therapy facilities has been presented already in earlier reports [1]. In 2002 detailed specifications of the low energy beam transport line components like magnets, power supplies, beam diagnostics devices and vacuum components as well as of the ion source systems and of the linac rf system(More)