S. Millward

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In vivo real time spectroscopic imaging of hyperpolarized ¹³C labeled metabolites shows substantial promise for the assessment of physiological processes that were previously inaccessible. However, reliable and reproducible methods of measurement are necessary to maximize the effectiveness of imaging biomarkers that may one day guide personalized care for(More)
Peptides constructed with the 20 natural amino acids are generally considered to have little therapeutic potential because they are unstable in the presence of proteases and peptidases. However, proteolysis cleavage can be idiosyncratic, and it is possible that natural analogues of functional sequences exist that are highly resistant to cleavage. Here, we(More)
Autophagy is a bulk catabolic process that modulates tumorigenesis, therapeutic resistance, and dormancy. The tumor suppressor ARHI (DIRAS3) is a potent inducer of autophagy and its expression results in necroptotic cell death in vitro and tumor dormancy in vivo. ARHI is down-regulated or lost in over 60 % of primary ovarian tumors yet is dramatically(More)
Ligands that can bind selectively to proteins with single amino-acid point mutations offer the potential to detect or treat an abnormal protein in the presence of the wild type (WT). However, it is difficult to develop a selective ligand if the point mutation is not associated with an addressable location, such as a binding pocket. Here we report an(More)
Autophagy can sustain or kill tumor cells depending upon the context. The mechanism of autophagy-associated cell death has not been well elucidated and autophagy has enhanced or inhibited sensitivity of cancer cells to cytotoxic chemotherapy in different models. ARHI (DIRAS3), an imprinted tumor suppressor gene, is downregulated in 60% of ovarian cancers.(More)
This project describes a command and control system that combines key features of hierarchical command and control with the flexibility and adaptive response capabilities of information rich networks and adaptive human decision-making. 1. INTRODRUCTION This system focuses on maximizing situational awareness and the control of effects available to individual(More)
We have examined the poly(A)- and poly(A)+ polyribosomal (Ps) RNAs of developing sea urchin embryos to see whether they contain the capped structures previously observed in the poly(A)+ cytoplasmic RNA (mRNA) of a variety of eucaryotic organisms. We have found that both classes of Ps RNA contain 7-methylguanosine linked to the RNA by a 5'-5' triphosphate(More)
The nucleotide sequences of the mRNAs of reovirus appear to diverge near the 5' termini. Ribonuclease T1 digestion of methylated mRNA synthesized in vitro yielded seven different 5' terminal fragments of the form m7G5'pp5' GmpCpUp(Np)nGp. Chain length analysis showed that the parameter "n" in this structural formula assumes the values 3, 4 and 5.
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