S. Meunier-Guttin-Cluzel

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We consider the motion of trajectories in the annular billiard, constituted of a circle with an internal, perfectly reflecting, eccentrically located secondary circle, displaying a generic Hamiltonian behavior (including periodic orbits, invariant curves, and chaotic areas). Periodic orbits embedded in the phase space are systematically investigated, with a(More)
The holographic microscopy technique is a strong contender for dynamic three-dimensional (3D) measurement of small particles (typically smaller than 5 microm) in microchannels. However, there is a big challenge to accurately measure the size of such small particles. The traditional hologram reconstruction method was numerically investigated. It is found(More)
In a large number of physical systems formed of discrete particles, a key parameter is the relative distance between the objects, as for example in studies of spray evaporation or droplets micro-explosion. This paper is devoted to the presentation of an approach where the relative 3D location of particles in the control volume is accurately extracted from(More)
This paper presents the possibility of measuring the three-dimensional (3D) relative locations and diameters of a set of spherical particles and discusses the behavior of the light recorded around the rainbow angle, an essential step toward refractive index measurements. When a set of particles is illuminated by a pulsed incident wave, the particles act as(More)
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