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BACKGROUND The Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle (AIBL) Flagship Study of Ageing is a prospective study of 1,112 individuals (211 with Alzheimer's disease (AD), 133 with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and 768 healthy controls (HCs)). Here we report diagnostic and cognitive findings at the first (18-month) follow-up of the cohort. The first aim(More)
The increasing openness and heterogeneity of distributed computing systems requires the representation of meta-information in distributed environments. Most type management systems can only define types within particular type systems. In contrast, the DSTC's Meta-Object Facility (MOF) first defines a type system as a set of meta-meta-objects, and then(More)
A decline in cognition greater than expected with ageing and accompanied by subjective cognitive concerns or functional changes may be indicative of a dementing disorder. The capacity to correctly identify cognitive decline relies on comparisons with normative data from a suitably matched healthy reference group with relatively homogeneous demographic(More)
Although Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have been recognised as the most advanced technology for the management of geospatial information, they are still unable to efficiently manage the temporal dimension. Originally this problem affected only the study and analysis of highly dynamic phenomena. Today's expansion of GIS technology, the ease to acquire(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT Data Visualisation is a powerful tool in modern computing. It allows ease of navigation of large information spaces and it is invaluable in communicating complex ideas. As the volume of data stored by organisations continues to increase, Data Visualisation can reduce mountains of data to visually insightful representations, which can aid(More)
[4] J. Daugman. " How iris recognition works ". [7] J. Daugman. " High confidence visual recognition of persons by a test of statistical independence ". A system for automated iris recognition ". [9] W. Boles, B. Boashash. " A human identification technique using images of the iris and wavelet transform ". Efficient iris recognition through improvement of(More)
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