S. Mazumdar

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Critical dimension is the minimum number of features that is required to ensure the performance of a learning machine to be “high”. This critical dimension is usually unique to the learning machine and the ranking algorithm combination. Medical- and bio-informatics datasets are different from most other datasets in that there is an imbalance(More)
Noise estimation and avoidance are becoming very important issues in today's high performance IC design. This paper presents a much improved, highly accurate and efficient noise model called 2-π model for the estimation of crosstalk noise. The proposed model incorporates all the physical properties including victim and aggressor drivers, distributed(More)
Large numbers of black kites (Milvus migrans govinda) forage with house crows (Corvus splendens) at garbage dumps in many Indian cities. Such aggregation of many individuals results in aggressiveness where adoption of a suitable behavioral approach is crucial. We studied foraging behavior of black kites in dumping sites adjoining two major corporation(More)
All birds construct nests to lay eggs and/or to raise offspring. Scientific description on the nest materials of Black Kite Milvus migrans govinda is very few and is particularly lacking in urban landscape. Therefore, the present study was carried out on three nests of Black Kites collected from different regions of Kolkata metropolis, India to generate(More)
The paper tries to analyse the technical feasibility of optimizing the excess energy consumption in a quench blower using a variable frequency drive. Major application engineering considerations, like the cycle time of the blower and the mechanical stresses generated in the mechanical system of the blower, are analysed using computer simulation taking a(More)
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