S. Mayilyan

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We present a search at the Jefferson Laboratory for new forces mediated by sub-GeV vector bosons with weak coupling α' to electrons. Such a particle A' can be produced in electron-nucleus fixed-target scattering and then decay to an e + e- pair, producing a narrow resonance in the QED trident spectrum. Using APEX test run data, we searched in the mass range(More)
The electric form factor of the neutron was determined from studies of the reaction 3He(e,e'n)pp in quasielastic kinematics in Hall A at Jefferson Lab. Longitudinally polarized electrons were scattered off a polarized target in which the nuclear polarization was oriented perpendicular to the momentum transfer. The scattered electrons were detected in a(More)
S. Abrahamyan,1 Z. Ahmed,2 K. Allada,3 D. Anez,4 T. Averett,5 A. Barbieri,6 K. Bartlett,7 J. Beacham,8 J. Bono,9 J.R. Boyce,10 P. Brindza,10 A. Camsonne,10 K. Cranmer,8 M.M. Dalton,6 C.W. de Jager,10, 6 J. Donaghy,7 R. Essig,11, ∗ C. Field,11 E. Folts,10 A. Gasparian,12 N. Goeckner-Wald,13 J. Gomez,10 M. Graham,11 J.-O. Hansen,10 D.W. Higinbotham,10 T.(More)
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