S. Mayilvaganan

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We read with interest the article ‘‘Multifocal versus Solitary papillary thyroid carcinoma’’ by Kiriakopoulos et al. [1]. We congratulate the authors in dealing with one of the pertinent issues in the management of papillary thyroid carcinoma. The authors have used benchside effectively to yield good results on the bedside for the knife happy surgeons. We(More)
To the Editor, We read with interest the article ‘‘Are medical students who want to become Surgeons different? An international cross-sectional study’’ by Baschera et al. [1]. We have a few queries which may be of interest to other readers. Why did the authors not include medical schools from other English medium countries such as India or South Africa?(More)
A continuous function f u iv is a complex-valued harmonic function in a complex domain Ω if both u and v are real and harmonic inΩ. In any simply connected domainD ⊂ Ω, we can write f h g, where h and g are analytic inD. We call h the analytic part and g the coanalytic part of f . A necessary and sufficient condition for f to be locally univalent and(More)
Dear Sir We read with interest the article ‘‘Involving Medical Students in Informed Consent: A Pilot Study’’ by Chiapponi et al. [1]. We congratulate the authors on their study of an innovative approach for teaching 6th year Medical students the surgical consent process. However, we have two concerns that we would like the authors to address. While the(More)
We read the article by Dixon et al. [1] with interest and congratulate the authors for their novel method of treating hematomas following thyroid and parathyroid surgery under local anesthesia and also for sharing their challenges in managing these hematomas. Hematomas following thyroid and parathyroid surgeries are at times ephemeral instead of obvious,(More)