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Determination of inorganic anions in waters of high salinity is one of the most difficult task in analytical chemistry. A simple column-switching method, based on an original chromatographic set-up, for the determination of nutrients (nitrate, nitrite and phosphate) in chloride rich aqueous matrices is presented. A pre-separation system (made of two in line(More)
Sodium peroxide (Na2O2) fusion coupled to Inductively Coupled Plasma Tandem Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS/MS) measurements was used to rapidly screen quartz-rich geological samples for rare earth element (REE) content. The method accuracy was checked with a geological reference material and Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) measurements. The used(More)
A high performance liquid chromatography method for the determination of N3-methyl-5'-deoxy-5-fluorouridine, a possible metabolic product of the anticancer pro-drug 5'-deoxy-5-fluorouridine, in human serum and urine is described. Sample treatment involved addition of internal standard (5-bromouracil) and protein precipitation with ammonium sulphate (serum(More)
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