S. Masoud Sadjadi

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Parallel applications have a pressing need for the utilization of more and more resources to meet user's performance expectations. Unfortunately, these resources are not necessarily available within one single domain. Grid computing provides a solution to scaling out from a single domain; however, it also brings another problem for some applications:(More)
The goal of Grid computing is to integrate the usage of computer resources from cooperating partners in the form of Virtual Organizations (VO). One of its key functions is to match jobs to execution resources efficiently. For interoperability between VOs, this matching operation occurs in resource brokering middleware, commonly referred to as the(More)
— A large and diverse group of computational scientific research efforts deal with parameterized studies, in which same or similar computational tools are applied on different sets of data. Such uniform and well-defined analysis efforts can be encapsulated as parameter-sweep workflows. Due to computation and data intensive nature, resources that span across(More)
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