S. Marchesi

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We examined if a subject-specific amount of lateral wedge added to a foot orthosis could alter knee mechanics to potentially reduce the progression of knee osteoarthritis in patients with medial knee osteoarthritis. Twenty individuals with medial knee osteoarthritis (>/=2 Kellgren Lawrence grade) were prescribed a custom laterally wedged foot orthotic(More)
For many years, bipedicled palmar advancement flaps were used rarely in fingers because they sacrificed the dorsal branches of the digital arteries, risking dorsal skin necrosis. In 1995, a short bipedicled neurovascular VY advancement flap raised distally to the PIP flexion crease, which spared the dorsal blood supply, was described by Elliot et al.(More)
PURPOSE Isolated congenital clubfoot can be treated either operatively (posteromedial release) or conservatively (Ponseti method). This study retrospectively compared mid-term outcomes after surgical and Ponseti treatments to a normal sample and used multiple evaluation techniques, such as detailed gait analysis and foot kinematics. METHODS Twenty-six(More)
Fleet management is actually a very hot topic in development and research. Modern organizations such as goods transportation companies and emergency/security agencies need to track and coordinate their resources in real-time, typically for supporting control-center officers and optimizing the overall planning. This kind of tools are called decision support(More)
A case of postabortal hemorrhage in a patient with von Willebrand's disease was controlled by arteriographic embolization of the uterine branch of the internal iliac artery. Selective internal iliac artery embolization has been effectively used to control postpartum hemorrhage and hemorrhage resulting from pelvic malignancy. A discussion is presented for(More)
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