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In this paper, we present an embedded knowledge-base system and apply it to estimate the manufacturing cost of molded parts. This system is designed on a tiny single board computer, called the " Gumstix™ " , which is an inexpensive and high-performance miniaturized platform. It consists of a knowledge-base, knowledge processing units and server service unit(More)
The "workplace" for engineering is increasingly at the interface of three environments: the virtual environment, in which designs can be created and explored, with activities that range from interaction via the Internet to 3D visualization and immersion in alternative designs of engineered systems; the product realization environment, in which physical(More)
A simplified approach for estimating weld lines, vent locations and fill times for resin transfer molding applications in non-planar geometry is presented. The molding parts are treated as polyhedral spaces for which the concept of Voronoi diagram and shortest paths is utilized to predict the formation of weld lines, location of vents and filling times. The(More)
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