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Cytosolic hormone levels must be tightly controlled at the level of influx, efflux, synthesis, degradation and compartmentation. To determine ABA dynamics at the single cell level, FRET sensors (ABACUS) covering a range ∼0.2-800 µM were engineered using structure-guided design and a high-throughput screening platform. When expressed in yeast, ABACUS1(More)
that supports both packet-switched communications, across its local and directional ports, as well as, time multiplexed circuit-switched communications among the multiple IP cores directly connected to it. Results from place and route VHDL models of the advanced router architecture show an average improvement of 20.4% in NoC bandwidth (maximum of 24%(More)
Delivering the hosted services via the internet is called cloud computing. It is attractive to business owners as it eliminates the requirement for users to plan ahead for provisioning and allows enterprises to start from the small and increase resources only when there is a rise in service demand. Central component that manages the allocation of virtual(More)
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