S. Majid Hosseini

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Abstract In Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) methods for fluid flow, incompressibility may be imposed by a projection method with an artificial homogeneous Neumann boundary condition for the pressure Poisson equation. This is often inconsistent with physical conditions at solid walls and inflow and outflow boundaries. For this reason open-boundary(More)
The pathogenesis of malaria is largely due to stiffening of the infected red blood cells (RBCs). Contemporary understanding ascribes the loss of RBC deformability to a 10-fold increase in membrane stiffness caused by extra cross-linking in the spectrin network. Local measurements by micropipette aspiration, however, have reported only an increase of ∼3-fold(More)
It is still difficult for traditional methods to simulate fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems which are increasingly used to model cardiovascular system, and human organism. This contribution develops a new numerical method to analyze FSI, based on smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH). The Lagrangian and meshless characteristics of SPH presents(More)
Carrier beat phase measurements of GPS are routinely used for precise positioning applications. However, before any position can be computed, the carrier ambiguity which is an inherent part of these types of observations should be correctly resolved. Otherwise, the computed positions are biased and their corresponding accuracies are drastically decreased.(More)
Most of Melilotus Miller species, a forage legume, contain coumarin, an unfavorable component in their shoot. There is no information concerning coumarin on Iranian Melilotus germplasms. It is crucial for plant breeders to know the concentration of this component in the breeding materials, its relationship with other traits and with genotype geographic(More)
OBJECTIVES Almond (Prunus amygdalus) hull and shell are agricultural by-products that are a source of phenolic compounds.The processing of almond produce shell and hull, accounts for more than 50% by dry weight of the almond fruits. Recently, more studies have focused on the influence of storage conditions and postharvest handling on the nutritional quality(More)
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