S. Mahmoud Taheri

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OBJECTIVE Reduced appetite and low food intake are often a concern in preschool children, since it can lead to malnutrition, a leading cause of impaired growth and mortality in childhood. It is occasionally considered that folic acid has a positive effect on appetite enhancement and consequently growth in children. The aim of this study was to assess the(More)
Abstract: A fuzzy test for testing statistical hypotheses about an imprecise parameter is proposed for the case when the available data are also imprecise. The proposed method is based on the relationship between the acceptance region of statistical tests at level β and confidence intervals for the parameter of interest at confidence level 1 − β. First, a(More)
A novel approach is introduced to construct a fuzzy regression model when the data available of independent and dependent variables are fuzzy numbers. The approach, consisting on the least-squares method, uses the α−level sets of fuzzy observations to estimate the crisp parameters of the model. A competitive study shows the performance and efficiency of the(More)