S. Mahmodi Cherati

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Nowadays power quality in power network requests using from existing equipments as high-performance and low cost such as improvement of compensator equipment and ways of efficiency increasing can be reduced destroyer effect on network. Active power filters is more importance and finance in network and industrial. It has depended detector algorithm and(More)
This paper presents the design of current mode PI controller for single-phase PWM inverter. The controller is comprised of inductor current as the inner loop and output voltage as the outer feedback loop. The control design is carried out using Sisotool, which is provided in Matlab. By using this tool, users can examine the effects of changing the gain(More)
In this paper, for the first time a particle swarm optimization (PSO) method is utilized to optimize placing of wind turbines in a wind park. The location of each wind turbine could be freely adjusted within a predefined cell in order to maximize the generated energy. Simulated results and graphs are carried out to prove that the present study is improved(More)
The phenomenon of magnetizing inrush is a transient condition, which occurs primarily when a transformer is energized. The magnitude of inrush current may be as high as ten times or more times of transformer rated current that causes malfunction of protection system. So, for safe running of a transformer, it is necessary to distinguish inrush current from(More)
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