S. Mahdi Hosseini

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Recognition of iris based on Visible Light (VL) imaging is a difficult problem because of the light reflection from the cornea. Nonetheless, pigment melanin provides a rich feature source in VL, unavailable in Near-Infrared (NIR) imaging. This is due to biological spectroscopy of eumelanin, a chemical not stimulated in NIR. In this case, a plausible(More)
There is a disparate comparison of non-adoption of sustainable agricultural practices (SAPs) and blaming farmers, their farms and methods of conventional farming practices in the most cases. Some of the trends like the recognition of the importance of farmer's ITK (Indigenous Technical Knowledge), farmer's participation, the emergence of non-government(More)
Dear Editor, Happiness has several main components including the emotional component-the presence of contentment and affection; the social component-the presence of good social relationships and the ability to receive support; and finally the cognitive component that causes the happy person to interpret information in a special way that leads to joy and(More)
The Asian cheetah is known as Iranian panther. A four years old female cheetah was killed in a road accident by a truck in Abbas Abad (Biarjamand) County around Shahrood City in Semnan Province, central part of Iran. Two days after the accident the carcass of animal was autopsied and only five cestodes were obtained from its intestine. In inspection of(More)
BACKGROUND Child abuse and neglect is a worldwide problem and varies across many sociodemographic characteristics. AIM The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence of different types of child maltreatment in Iranian kids according to the reports of their caregivers. SUBJECTS AND METHODS In this cross-sectional study, 562 mothers with the last(More)
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