S. Mahdi Hosseini

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Recognition of iris based on Visible Light (VL) imaging is a difficult problem because of the light reflection from the cornea. Nonetheless, pigment melanin provides a rich feature source in VL, unavailable in Near-Infrared (NIR) imaging. This is due to biological spectroscopy of eumelanin, a chemical not stimulated in NIR. In this case, a plausible(More)
To evaluate corneal thickness and volume in subclinical and clinical keratoconus in Asian population with the aim of discriminating between normal and ectatic cornea. Eyes were placed into one of the following three groups: normal, subclinical, and mild–moderate keratoconus. Pentacam Scheimpflug imaging (Oculus Inc., Wetzlar, Germany) was performed for each(More)
To evaluate Pentacam-Scheimpflug imaging of anterior segment parameters in young Indian adults. In this prospective study 120 eyes of 60 normal Indian subjects with a mean age of 25.93 ± 6.58 years (range 17–39 years) were assessed by Pentacam. Main outcome measures were central corneal thickness (CCT), thinnest corneal thickness (TCT), apex corneal(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate refractive errors in school age children with color vision deficiency (CVD) and those with normal color vision (NCV) in order to make a better understanding of the emmetropization process. METHODS A total of 4,400 primary school students aged 7-12 years were screened for color vision using Ishihara pseudoisochromatic color vision plate(More)
Volume 5 | Issue 2 Comparison of Weight Gain, Milk Production, and Milk Composition of Iranian Mamasani Goat and its Cross with Saanen Seyed Mahdi Hosseini1, Li Guo Yang1, Sayed Haidar Abbas Raza*2, Rajwali Khan2, Majid Kalantar3, Sha­ hid Faraz Syed5, Mohib Ullah Kakar4 and Robina Manzoor4 1Key Laboratory of Agricultural Animal Genetics, Breeding and(More)