S. Mahavir Agarwal

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BACKGROUND Though patients attending a diabetic clinic in a tertiary care hospital were given free monthly supplies of insulin, it was found that their glycemic control was poor. SETTINGS AND DESIGN A prospective interventional study was carried out at the outpatient clinic in a tertiary care hospital. AIMS To evaluate the effectiveness of a six month(More)
Phototactic responses of three groups, each of 16 cave fishes, were observed at 4-hr intervals beginning at 0900, following 5 days of acclimation inside specially designed aquaria. The latter consisted of two parts, a photic zone and an aphotic zone. The first group of fishes were fed ad libitum, while the second and third group of fishes were fed with(More)
UNLABELLED Saliva has long been known for its diagnostic value in several diseases. It also has a potential to be used in forensic science. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to compare the quantity and quality of DNA samples extracted from saliva with those extracted from blood in order to assess the feasibility of extracting sufficient DNA from(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Hyponatremia is a common problem encountered in patients presenting with nonspecific symptoms. We undertook this study to investigate the clinical profile of patients with hyponatremia, the precipitating factors, the response to therapy and to compare, using these parameters, hyponatremia at presentation to that developing in the(More)
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