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  • S. Madhavi
  • 2008
The topology of the packet radio network changes dynamically. The initial slot assignments may cause interferences among the nodes while transmitting. In this paper, the author propose a new adaptive transmission scheduling to packet radio networks that computes the transmission assignments according to the changes in the topology. The node gathers(More)
The capacity of ad hoc networks can be severely limited due to interference constraints. One way of using improving the overall capacity of ad hoc networks is by the use of smart antennas. Smart antennas allow the energy to be transmitted or received in a particular direction as opposed to disseminating energy in all directions. This helps in achieving(More)
Problem statement: A great deal of excitement has recently propelled Mobile Learning to the forefront of educational technology. The exponential growth of mobile technology in the recent years, increase in the availability of high-bandwidth network, advances in wireless technologies and popularity of handheld devices, have opened up new accessibility(More)
The infrastructure less and the dynamic nature of mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) demands new set of networking strategies to be implemented in order to provide efficient end-to-end communication. These, along with the diverse application of these networks in many different scenarios such as battlefield and disaster recovery, have seen MANETs being(More)
Cross-Layer Design (CLD) is a new paradigm that allows the optimization of communication network architectures across the traditional layer boundaries, but does not imply a change of the present layered architecture. Cross-Layer optimization is used in multi media application this is also used in run this type of applications parallel so that network(More)
Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are characterized by dynamic topology, limited channel bandwidth and limited power at the nodes. Because of these characteristics, paths connecting to the source nodes with destinations may very unstable and go down at any time, making communication over ad hoc networks difficult. Multicasting is intended for group-oriented(More)
A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a dynamic wireless network that can be formed without any pre-existing infrastructure in which each node can act as a router. MANET has no clear line of defense, so, it is accessible to both legitimate network users and malicious attackers. In the presence of malicious nodes, one of the main challenges in MANET is to(More)
Technology and its Significance have great impact in the Society; we enable to significantly describe the best of technology makes us to nest level of research. Hence of, we considered the Clustering based high dimensional data where Information retinal is key and typical feature in the field of Data Mining , Mean while the other parameters which(More)
Data mining is a process of analyzing data in order to bring about patterns or trends from the data. Many techniques are part of data mining techniques. Other mining techniques such as text mining and web mining also exists. Clustering is one of the most important data mining or text mining algorithm that is used to group similar objects together. In other(More)