S Madachi-Yamamoto

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Effect of sodium fluorescein was examined on neurite outgrowth from the retinal explants of chick embryos cultured with chicken gizzard extract, containing macromolecules which promote neurite outgrowth. A dose more than 0.5 mg/ml of fluorescein completely prevented the neurite outgrowth from the retinal explants. The minimum dose of toxic effect of(More)
The hyperosmolarity response of the ocular standing potential was examined in 14 eyes of 7 cases of Harada's disease between 8 and 1,341 days after the onset of the disease. The hyperosmolarity response remained normal at the initial stage of the disease when choroiditis, retinal detachment and iridocyclitis were the main manifestations. The hyperosmolarity(More)
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