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Twenty-five male delinquents (aged nine to 16) who had legal charges for setting fires filed against them were compared to a group of age and sex matched delinquents who had legal charges filed against them that were not related to firesetting. Groups were compared on demographic variables and on their delinquency and fire related histories. The only(More)
Deaf children 6-10 years of age, from oral or bimodal educational programs, were tested in 2 tasks. In the first, they were required to describe a designated picture from a set of 4 pictures so that their mother could identify the intended referent from the 4 alternatives. In the second, they studied a single picture and were subsequently required to(More)
The present study investigated the effect of the relation between conditions at encoding and retrieval on infants' performance on a paired-comparison recognition test. 64 9-month-old infants were given 40 sec to visually or visually and haptically explore a 3-dimensional object. Subsequently, during a 10-sec recognition trial infants were presented with the(More)
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