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A scheme to generate return-to-zero on-off keying (RZ-OOK) high speed all-optical pseudo random bit sequence (PRBS) based on quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers (QD SOA) has been studied. By analyzing the performance of the core functional unit of this system, which is composed of QD SOA-based logic XOR and AND gates, as well as considering the(More)
We report a novel multi-wavelength laser source based on hybrid gain medium, with a semiconductor optical amplifier and erbium doped fiber amplifier, and a double-ring structure. More than 60 lines with more than 50 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) have been achieved in our setup. The wavelength interval between the wavelengths is approximately 0.32 nm. The 3(More)
A simple, low coherence, vibration insensitive, polarization Fizeau interferometer is employed in this novel optical monitoring system proposed to extract the temporal phase change of the reflection coefficient of the growing film stacks. This system can directly detect fluctuating reflection coefficient and obtain the corresponding optical admittance of(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the degenerative regularity of normal Chinese cervical spine by observing the motion range of full cervical flexion and extension, and to provide evidences for further investigation of cervical segmental instability. METHODS 764 X-ray plain films of full cervical flexion and extension in 382 normal Chinese subjects (214 were male and(More)
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