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Water quality index (WQI) serves as the basis for environment assessment of watercourse in relation to pollution load categorization and designation of classes and beneficial uses as provided by Interim National Water Quality Standards (INWQS) in Malaysia. This index is calculated based on six parameters DO, BOD, COD, pH, NH-NL and SS. This research was(More)
In building an intelligent tutoring system, researchers quest for robust techniques and suitable approaches so that intelligent and interactive communications between learners and the system can be seamlessly established. The aspects of communication encompass the four properties of articulate software defined by Forbus (2001) which are fluent, supportive,(More)
Recent techniques in the management of surface river water have been expanding the demand on the method that can provide more representative of multivariate data set. A proper technique of the architecture of artificial neural network (ANN) model and multiple linear regression (MLR) provides an advance tool for surface water modeling and forecasting. The(More)
This study examines the feasibility of catalytically pretreated biochar derived from the dried exocarp or fruit peel of mangostene with Group I alkali metal hydroxide (KOH). The pretreated char was activated in the presence of carbon dioxide gas flow at high temperature to upgrade its physiochemical properties for the removal of copper, Cu(II) cations in(More)
The computational approach is adopted and customized, as per the demand and requirement of scientific applications. The computational process is used for weather forecasting, land change detection and many more environmental applications. The Water Quality Index (WQI) computations are a process to determine the level of water in line to the purity(More)
The objective of this study is to identify spatial and temporal patterns in the air quality at three selected Malaysian air monitoring stations based on an eleven-year database (January 2000-December 2010). Four statistical methods, Discriminant Analysis (DA), Hierarchical Agglomerative Cluster Analysis (HACA), Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and(More)
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