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It is known that digital elevation models (DEMs) can vary in quality depending on their method of creation. Six DEMs derived from digitised contours from the British Ordnance Survey were compared. The DEMs were used to run TOPMODEL for a small catchment in Devon. There were differences between the DEMs in the prediction of the catchment area and the spatial(More)
Reducing the negative impacts of storm water is gaining priority in United States communities' efforts to develop more sustainably and to comply with Clean Water Act requirements. Nationwide, communities may need to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in coming decades to meet clean water goals, assuming expansion and repair of conventional(More)
1901 and charged with the responsibility for establishing a measurement foundation to facilitate both U.S. and international commerce. This charge was purposely stated in broad terms to provide NIST with the ability to establish and implement its programs in response to changes in national needs and priorities. Increased requirements for quality systems(More)
To meet the recent demand for reform in science education at the University of Michigan has created inquiry-based, technology-infused curriculum at the middle-school level designed to help teachers engage in best practices in science teaching (Singer et al., 2000). Hi-ce is presently engaged in research that is attempting to understand how solving the(More)
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