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Newly devised software was used to compare the ability of the Topographic Modeling System-1 (Computed Anatomy, New York, NY) and the Corneal Analysis System (EyeSys Laboratories, Houston, Tex) to reproduce power measurements on spherical surfaces. Reproducibility results were compared for spheres of 40.00, 42.50, and 44.00 diopters. The program determines(More)
Two computer-assisted topographic analysis systems were evaluated with calibrated spherical surfaces and normal human corneas. The Topographic Modeling System-1 (TMS-1) was found to be statistically more accurate in determining the power of calibrated spheres near the apex and at 1 mm from the apex than the Corneal Analysis System (CAS). The CAS, however,(More)
The antigenicity of intrastromal and epikeratophakia xenografts of lyophilized corneal tissue was evaluated in nonimmune and immune recipients. Lyophilized feline lenticules were implanted into intrastromal pockets in unsensitized rabbits and rabbits sensitized to the donor cat. In both cases, the grafts remained clear. Sensitized rabbits with clear(More)
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