S. M. Tran

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In this paper, we propose an authoring tool referred to as ICCT (Interactive Content Creating Tool). The tool serves to easily generate as well as dynamically control a multimedia and interactive MPEG-4 content represented as a hierarchical scene graph. In the parametric mode of ICCT, scene-designer – using a user friendly interface for setting properties(More)
Besides demonstrating the powerful capabilities of the recent MPEG-4 standard, namely the composition and interactive facilitation of multimedia contents, the work points out some shortcomings of the standard in supporting these advanced features in the “light level”, i.e. in the scope of BIFS. The work also outlines some solution to overcome the problems.(More)
The efficiency of the H.264/AVC video coding standard (the latest in the MPEG family) can be further improved by advancing new prediction key-techniques. However, generally these techniques also lead to an extremely high complexity encoding process. As a solution to this problem, we focused on a fast technique to avoid the exhaustive search on the numerous(More)
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