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  • S Tonkinson
  • 1994
Selected vocal-intensity response-level readings of singers' ability to resist the Lombard effect in choral singing before and after verbal instructions were compared. Twenty-seven adults sang The Star Spangled Banner along with a choir heard through headphones. After instructions to resist increasing vocal intensity as the choir increased, each subject(More)
1. Conditions of culture are described, under which the primary roots of broad bean seedlings show a constant growth rate and Mitotic Index for a limited period of time. It was found that the diurnal fluctuation in root growth and Mitotic Index is eliminated when the plumules of the seedlings are removed. 2. Experiments with colchicine,(More)
V VI V I I V I I I I X Introduction Principle of the method Materials and experimental methods The effect of radiation on mitotic activity as observed through mitotic index determinations The effect of radiation on mitotic rate; mitotic delay Discussion and Conclusions Summary References Appendix I Quantitative details of the action of colchicine X Appendix(More)
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