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Oxytocin neurotropic qualities were investigated in "reserpine depression" tests under ethanol and levomepromazine anesthesia, phenamine depression, haloperidol catatonia and swimming of experimental animals in the cylinder. Twenty seven patients with schizophrenia were treated with the hormone mentioned, injected intravenously and/or intranasally, using a(More)
A course of neuropeptide hormones (vasopressin and corticotropin) administration is offered to treat patients with head trauma. The therapeutic effectiveness has been evidenced by the physiologic and laboratory investigations. The lack of counterindications and complications after the neuropeptides administration constitute the main advantages of the method.
The intranasal administration of the hypothalamic peptide hormones vasopressin and corticotropin was used in the therapy of alcohol abstinence syndrome, acute and chronic alcoholic psychoses and in the conditioned reflex therapy of alcoholism. The proposed methods of therapy were fairly effective and free of complications and marked side effects.
The article presents the results of investigation into hypothalamic-hypophyseal-adrenal system in cerebral atherosclerosis leading to mental disorders. A hypothesis was put forward assuming a major role of luliberins in the pathogenesis of these disorders. Reported are the data on practical application of luliberin in the therapy of mental disorders in(More)
Some aspects of the effect of LH-RH on behavior reactions and CNS activity were investigated. LH-RH was shown to produce a positive effect on teaching processes in animals, to possess analgesic and antispasmodic activity, and to activate the central nervous system. The adaptogenic properties of LH-RH necessitated a study of its potential to stop(More)
The authors presented evidence for the effect of 6 analogues of ACTN4-10 on teaching of albino rats in a labyrinth with negative electrocutaneous reinforcement. Sixteen series of experiments on 192 rats demonstrated a positive effect of corticotropin fragments on memory processes. The activating ACTH fragment effect was shown in recording the background and(More)