S. M. Taiabul Haque

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Despite advances in biometrics and other technologies, passwords remain the most commonly used means of authentication in computer systems. Users maintain different security levels for different passwords. In this study, we examine the degree of similarity among passwords of different security levels of a user. We conducted a laboratory experiment with 80(More)
Entering a password on a mobile phone requires more effort than entering it on a PC keyboard, especially when using capital letters, digits, and special characters that are considered important for strong passwords. In this study, we examine how these factors affect the construction of passwords on input-constrained devices such as mobile phones. We(More)
—Users often choose passwords that are easy to remember but also easy to guess by attackers. Recent studies have revealed the vulnerability of textual passwords to shoulder surfing and keystroke loggers. It remains a critical challenge in password research to develop an authentication scheme that addresses these security issues, in addition to offering good(More)
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