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After introducing and developing fuzzy set theory, a lot of studies have been done to combine statistical methods and fuzzy set theory. This works, called fuzzy statistics, have been developed in some branches. In this article we review essential works on fuzzy estimation, fuzzy hypotheses testing, fuzzy regression, fuzzy Bayesian statistics, and some(More)
In Classical Bayesian approach, estimation of lifetime data usually is dealing with precise information. However, in real world, some informations about an underlying system might be imprecise and represented in the form of vague quantities. In these situations, we need to generalize classical methods to vague environment for studying and analyzing the(More)
One of the cost-intensive issues in managing warehouses is the order picking problem which deals with the retrieval of items from their storage locations in order to meet customer requests. Many solution approaches have been proposed in order to minimize traveling distance in the process of order picking. However, in practice, customer orders have to be(More)
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