S M Sergeenko

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Ultrastructure, tissue respiration and oxidative phosphorilation were studies in the myocardium of animals after chronic natural irradiation by 137Cs in quantities that can in reality threaten population of radionuclide-polluted regions. Decline in the respiratory activity of the myocardium and ultrastructural disorders can be attributed to the effects of(More)
In the experiment on albino male mongrel rats some parameters of oxidative phosphorylation of spleen slices were studied after the animals were fed the antioxidant complex of vitamins E, A, and C. The stimulation of oxygen consumption rate and of tissue respiration of spleen was observed with endogenous substrates, and after exogenous substrates (succinate(More)
Parameters of the mitochondrial oxidation and ultrastructure of the myocardium in white rats were studied on a background of consumption of food supplemented with 137Cs at 60 or 600 Bq/kg (calculated doses were 1.5 and 15 microGy, respectively). The observed stimulation of the respiratory activity in myocardial samples cultivated on endogenous and several(More)
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