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The woody verdure of sea buckthorn is rich in protein substances. Among the soluble proteins, water- and alkali-soluble fractions predominate. The presence of 17 amino acids in the water-soluble proteins has been established. The sum of the essential amino acids amounts to 42.12–49.51%. The water-soluble proteins of the woody verdure of sea buckthorm(More)
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Thus, the resul ts of a chemical study and 13C NMR spec t roscopy permi t the conclusion that the polysaccharities investigated were natively acetylated glucomannans possess ing unbranched or only slightly branched chains the hexopyranose residues of which a re linked to one another by fi-(1 -4) bonds and they differed f rom known polysacchar ides [8] by(More)
1. The group compositions of aqueous extracts of pine and spruce needles have been established. In their chemical compositions the extracts are similar to one another. 2. The individual composition of the monosaccharides have been determined. They contain glucose, mannose, galactose, xylose, and arabinose. 3. The component compositions of the vitamins have(More)
The wood and needles of various coniferous species contain maltol, which is used as an aromatizer, a food seasoning, and an intensifier of aroma and taste [1, 2]. A method exists for the processing of the bark of deciduous species with the aim of obtaining maltol [3] but it yields only one product from a large amount of extracted bark. For a more rational(More)
The individual compositions of the wax isolated from an isopropyl extract of the woody verdure and of an industrial sample of needle wax have been investigated with the aid of GLC. The acids isolated from the wax have been identified, and the alcoholic fraction has been separated without identification. It has been shown that the wax obtained from the(More)
1. The fractional and amino-acid compositions of needle proteins and of a protein-vitamin concentrate isolated from an extract have been determined. 2. The optimum conditions of the protein-extracting process have been found. The dependence of the influence of various factors on the degree of extraction of the protein from the needles has been shown. 3. The(More)
The composition of the essential oil isolated under production conditions from the woody verdure ofLarix sibirica Lbd. growing in the Krasnoyarsk district has been studied. The bulk of the essential oil is composed of monoterpenes (84.95%). Among the sesquiterpene hydrocarbons α-murolene, β-humulene, and caryophyllene are present in considerable amounts.(More)
Fir e s sent ia l oi l is widely used as a raw mater ia l for the production of synthetic camphor , and its medi ca l propert ies have long been known. This explains the interest in the compos i t ion of all the components of fir oi l . There is v e r y l i t t le information on the phenols of the e s sent ia l o i l s of c o n i f e r s , and it is known(More)
The dynamics of the levels of mono-, di-, and triacylglycerols in Siberian larch needles during the vegetation period have been determined. The composition and structure of the triacylglycerols have been studied. It has been shown that in the triacylglycerol molecules the sn-2 position is predominantly acylated by unsaturated acids.