S. M. Prasad

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Wavelets are widely used to extract the texture features for pattern recognition applications including biometric authentication. This can be attributed to the discriminating capability of wavelet features and the availability of fast algorithms for implementing discrete wavelet transform (DWT). In most of the wavelet based palmprint applications,(More)
Presence of unique palmprint patterns makes palmprints suitable for personal recognition. In low resolution images, these patterns mainly consist of multisized and multidirectional principal lines and wrinkles. This prompted us to use wavelet based multiresolution analysis (MRA) to extract these features. Most of the palmprint feature extraction works based(More)
This paper proposes a wavelet-based palmprint verification approach which is efficient in terms of accuracy and speed. The prominent wavelet domain features such as subband energy distribution, histogram, and co-occurrence features fail to characterize the palmprints sufficiently due to coefficient perturbations caused by translational and/or rotational(More)
Vara Asanadi Kwatha (VAK) is a compound Ayurvedic formulation prescribed in the management of obesity. Pharmacognostical study counting both macroscopic and powder microscopy of raw drug exposed the quality and genuineness of all the constituents of VAK. Organoleptic features of coarse powder made out of the crude drugs were within the standard range.(More)
The CMOS technology scales down to nano scale and memories are combined with an increasing number of electronic systems; the error rate in memory cells is rapidly increasing. Especially error occurs when memories operate in space satellites due to ionizing effects of atmospheric neutron, alpha-particle, and cosmic rays. SRAM Based FPGA’s are used mostly in(More)
Vatarakta is the major example of Vata vyadhi, caused due to avarana pathology. The scenario of Utthana Vatarakta occurred owing to the margavarana pathology, which can very well be correlated with atherosclerotic peripheral arterial disease. The literature enlists a number of Guggulu prayogas in the management of Vatarakta. An additional cavernous revise(More)
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