S. M. Pietralunga

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Tellurium oxide is a promising optical material, conjugating transparency in the infrared with high refractive index, low chromatic dispersion with strong nonlinear response, elevated acousto-optic figure of merit and rare earth doping capability. Reactive sputtering is a suitable technique to obtain thin films of pure TeO<sub>2</sub> glass, with tunable(More)
The introduction of a spinning step in the drawing process is a primary way to improve optical fiber performances in terms of Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD), by modifying fiber intrinsic birefringence. However, spin profiles actually transferred into fibers may differ from nominally imparted ones, leading to departures from the expected efficiency in(More)
Time-domain numerical analysis of nonlinear propagation in Slow-Wave-Structures, focused on the interplay of enhanced third-order nonlinearity with chromatic dispersion has been carried on. In dependence on the operating conditions, a tunable optical oscillator/pulse train generator and an optical limiter have been designed. Morphological inspection and(More)
Optoelectronic packaging is the art of turning well-performing demonstrators of working principles into real devices, so as to guarantee required performances, reliability and cost-effectiveness. To this complex aim, packaging leads many heterogeneous disciplines to convergence, spanning from optics to mechanics, to electronics and material science.(More)
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